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Social Media Advertising Strategies that Push the Needle Forward

Frustrated with the lack of results from your social media ad strategy? You’re not alone. Countless businesses struggle to tap into the enormous ROI from advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and others.

Maybe social media
just isn’t for you, right?

Wrong. With a solid strategy in place, social media can – and will – help you grow your business.
We’re not talking arbitrary growth like more likes or comments, either. Sure, those are nice, but
what you want are conversions.

Why Social Media Works


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Focus on metrics that matter

Is it more leads? More sales? More downloads for a certain piece of content? More conversions for a limited time offer? If you want social media marketing to deliver results, you first have to build your strategy around the right goals. That’s the initial step we take as we develop a social strategy for our clients – We determine the key performance indicators that will dictate how we create our plan.

Make your time investment mean something

Organic social reach is dead. In fact, we’d argue it was never really alive. From day one, social platforms like Facebook have built an ecosystem designed to thrive off paid strategies. Did you know an organic Facebook reaches less than 1% of your audience? While that number will increase as more and more people engage with your post, the amount of time and energy you have to invest to get to that point is often just not worth it. Paid social media, however, is a different story entirely. Paid social media strategies can deliver your content to a specific audience with incredible precision, and very little effort. • Looking to target your email subscribers only? No problem. • Want to reach users who have the same likes and interests as your current audience? Sure! • Introducing a new product or service and want to get in front of specific professionals? Very, very easy. At Cardinal, we’ve seen firsthand how much time, money, and effort is wasted on social media. That’s why we focus only on strategies proven to deliver results. In our experience helping some of the country’s most recognizable brands, we know that when it comes to social media, real results come from paid strategies.

Keep your budget in check

If paid social media is the most effective way to experience true growth, then why don’t more brands pursue that strategy? More often than not, they’re afraid of the costs. But in reality, paid social media will be one of your most cost-effective marketing tactics, if handled correctly, of course. At Cardinal, we keep your paid social costs down by: • Creating ads and posts designed to convert • Targeting these ads to a specific audience that we know will be engaged by the content • Launching A/B testing on each ad to monitor performances • Performing daily optimization checks and making changes to your campaign based on real-time data

5 Reason to Hire an SEO Agency5 Reason to Hire an SEO Agency

When it comes to SEO, the DIY route and having an in-house marketer are certainly viable options. However, you have to know that SEO consists of many elements that need to be done right, and you need to perform these steps for a long time. In such a case, it might be better for your company to partner with the best SEO agency. Let’s take at some of the top reasons why:

SEO is Ever-Changing, Ever-Evolving

The key to succeeding in SEO is your ability to keep up with it. Google is very fond of changing its algorithm and rules and marketers must adapt immediately. Keeping up with SEO trends is hard and time-consuming – something that’s best left to the professionals.

For an SEO agency, staying up-to-date with SEO techniques, news, and changes is literally their full-time job. It’s in their best interest to be informed about any changes that occur to ensure a highly optimized campaign. To ignore or overlook any algorithm changes is a huge mistake because you’ll be on the bad side of the search engines which can cost you dearly in the long run.

Leverage the Agency’s Skills to Succeed

As mentioned, many business owners have tried to do SEO by themselves but frankly, with mixed results. SEO is a very intricate set of processes and can be unforgiving. If you have no clue what you’re doing, you’ll end up doing more harm than good to your business. For example, building backlinks is one of the key elements of SEO and if you use bad links, you might end up getting penalized and drop in rankings.

The best SEO agency will have a knowledgeable and experienced team that will manage your SEO campaign. Agencies like Cardinal have worked with many different clients across many industries, so they will have the skill sets required to create an SEO strategy that will grow your business.

Frees Up Your Precious Time

It can take 4-6 months before you can notice the results from your SEO efforts. On top of that, SEO is also an ongoing task as opposed to a one-and-done deal. Even if you managed to achieve your SEO goals, it doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels. As mentioned, SEO rules keep on changing, so you have to keep yourself updated. Having said that, do you honestly think that you have the time to keep your SEO campaign going on your own?

One of the best advantages of working with an SEO agency is that it frees up valuable time – time that’s best spent on things that actually matter like running your business. However, that doesn’t that you can completely set aside your SEO campaign, a good SEO agency will ensure that you’re still involved in every step of the way.


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